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Montgomery, Alabama

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I have been in the antique/retail/estate sale business in Montgomery, Alabama for  some 35 plus years. No estate is too large or too small for me and my staff to handle. We have conducted hundreds of highly successful estate sales through the years and take pride in the fact that we receive glowing reports and recommendations from those who we have served in the past. Our many clients include banks, attorney's, probate courts, as well as private individuals. A large number of our sales come from referrals - from clients and customers who have been pleased with the way we handled their estates.  We also receive a tremendous amount of inquiries through this website.

Each estate is personal to us as we know it is personal to our clients. We work closely with the family to assure a timely and profitable endeavor for all involved. We approach every sale in a professional manner, yet still strive to make our sales inviting and fun for those who attend. Our reputation is pristine and we strive to maintain that reputation as well as the trust placed in us by the clients we serve. Our customers are met with a friendly and helpful staff. In fact, many of our customers have been coming for years and even though they no longer are in the market for 'things' - they love coming to visit with us - to share updated stories about their children and newest grandchild.  We love this!   We love that our customers come, not only to buy, but feel they can stay and talk with us, greet old friends, and enjoy the friendships we have cultivated through the years.  That frankly is the highlight of my working with sales - the people!  We have wonderful people and have worked with wonderful clients through the years.  We have received many referrals from all of those wonderful folks!

I have been in the antiques business for close to 35 years.  I have conducted estate sales for almost 35  years.  My years in the antiques business has given me an advantage in knowing the value of good antiques.  It gives me an advantage in knowing the current market value- both with antiques as well as the more contemporary household furnishings.  My years of experience in this field has afforded me the  knowledge and the expertise to market and sell your items at the highest possible price. I have access to many sources outside of the Montgomery, Alabama area in which to market your more valuable possessions.  I work closely with each family when determining the best way to market and sell your estate.   

Are you concerned that your estate doesn't have antiques??  No worry!  Today's market is totally different than it was several years ago.  Antiques are not as much in demand as they were several years ago.  There are still good buyers for antiques - however -  mid century furniture - good clean traditional or modern furniture - unusual collectible items - modern and local art - these things are highly sought after right now by the main buyers - who are the young adults furnishing their homes - or we, the older generation, furnishing our children or grandchildren's apartments as they go off to college.  In other words - there is a buyer for most everything!

I am fortunate to have a wonderful staff who are professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and who, like me, have a sense of responsibility and pride when preparing an estate for sale. We are competitive in our pricing yet realistic in knowing what the market will bear. My staff is dedicated to a high standard of excellence in our approach to each and every sale we conduct.  Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients.

We conduct sales in and around Montgomery, Alabama - including Prattville, Wetumpka, and small townships in the Pike Road area.   If your estate is a little further from Montgomery, please do call me.  Depending on what your estate has, we are open to moving an estate to the Montgomery area if it warrants a larger audience and selling arena. We gladly furnish both personal and professional recommendations and in fact, encourage you to call for these references when engaging our services.