Our Services

OK, the first question I always get when I get a call is:  What do you all do?  Then, What do we need to do? Following is a short summary of what you need to expect  and then what we provide.

First, after initially meeting with you, I request the family to remove everything from the home they wish to keep.  Once that is accomplished, then we are ready to come in and work.

Second, Many families think they are helping us by throwing away the junk - but we prefer you leave everything in the house except what you plan on keeping.  Of course, food in the refrigerator should be removed but other kitchen items, such as canned goods, spices, etc. - leave.  They do sell.

Now, once you have removed your items, given us a key to the house, we start as follows:

  • Upon taking a sale, I take a complete inventory of all major and important items contained in the sale, and present that list to the owners at the end of the sale, showing the selling price of each. Note: This is very important and should be something you expect and or insist on when choosing someone to conduct a sale for you.  The inventory list includes all furniture, major decorative accessories, sterling, real jewelry and other important items in the home.  Small and insignificant items are lumped into appropriate categories such as Kitchen, Tools, Miscellaneous.  Items including under those categories will include insignificant kitchen items, tools (unless power tools/lawnmowers, etc) and clothing. 
  • Each item is cleaned, washed, waxed/polished and staged to show it to it’s best advantage. My motto is:  Presentation is 95% of your sale! This approach not only reflects on me but also on the family.  
  • We work on a commission basis.  Our fee is in line with other companies in our area. The client is responsible for the cost of advertisement -(which usually never exceeds $200.00).  We pay that fee up front and deduct it at the end of the sale. The advertising fee is the ONLY expense the family is obligated for.  All other fees are absorbed by my company. Advertising includes an ad in the local paper as well as a weekly paper in our area.  It also includes mail-outs of fliers, distribution of fliers to antique shops/malls throughout our area as well as email. Additional advertising consists of promoting and listing our sales - along with pictures and descriptions - on the EstateSales.Net website.  This has proven to be the best form of advertising!
  • We price, stage and promote your sale through advertising.
  • Security is provided when deemed necessary. That expense will be shared by my company and the client. All costs are discussed up front so that both client and my company are in total agreement as to the terms and expense of such security.
  • We dispose of all unsold items through donations to churches or charities as directed by the family
  • We leave your home clean and ready to show. Cleaning consists of vacuuming, sweeping, wiping down counter tops, etc.
  • We provide all necessary staff and supplies needed to put on a sale
  • We settle with your estate within 14 days from the last day of your sale.
  • We work directly with the family's attorney or realtor in promoting your real estate property should it be on the active market
  • We are always open to the client's desires, their suggestions and/or concerns regarding the disposition of their estate.

Finally, there is an old saying:  "If Mama ain't happy, no one's happy!"  Well I believe that in my business, if my client isn't happy, I'm not happy!"  

I along with my staff, appreciate the opportunity to work with you and we take our responsibility seriously.  Your estate is treated as our own would be, always keeping in mind that we are not only providing a service of selling, but also selling a service of good will.  Should you need further information regarding our services, I welcome your call or email.