Many people, when settling an estate, end up having only a few items left - or, they have downsized and can't take as much with them to their new home.  What do you do with those items?  We can help!

A large amount of our sales include partial estates, items no longer being needed, etc.  You may possibly have a set of china - or a bedroom set, or a few assorted tables, chairs or even kitchen items that were not taken from the estate or that no longer fit with your decor.  We can handle that for you!  

We can incorporate your items into existing sales we have scheduled - always of course, placing items of 'like' value, design and age into those sales. This is a process I am happy to discuss with you when you contact me.

"But, I have no way of getting those things to you!"  Don't worry - I have a professional mover who works with me and he can pick up those heavy furniture pieces and deliver them to me.  Again, a process I am happy to discuss with you.  

Settling an estate - downsizing and disposing of items - can be overwhelming -but not to us!  We are here to help.