Welcome to Linda Shogren Antiques! I hope, as you read through my website,  you will have a more indepth understanding of who I am, what my company offers and how I do business. I have been in business for more years than I care to admit................some 35 years of doing what I love best - conducting estate sales - working with the public and helping people.

I grew up loving antiques - living in a home where my mother loved antiques and who scoured the country for things she could 'refurbish, refinish, restore, and just plain love!'  Through her, I learned and appreciated not only the workmanship that went into fine antiques but the history behind each piece.  After all, it is our history we need to preserve and protect!  

I co-owned a beautiful antique shop for over 25 years.  I participated in appraisal clinics, participated in antique shows all over the country and through those experiences, grew not only in my appreciation of antiques but in learning about them  My goal, in both selling in my own shop and  in conducting estate sales is to educate the younger generation as to the importance, the value and the value of our history through antiques. Every piece has a history - a background- a story!  That is so exciting!  

Anyway, this tells you a little about myself and what I am all about.  Please continue looking at the rest of my website to see what I and my company has to offer you.